2018 Award Recipients

2018 Governor’s Award

Sally Bishop
Pinellas County Emergency Management

Presented for 32 years of service at multiple levels of government providing vision, leadership, mentoring and contributions that have led to the evolution and maturation of the emergency management profession. Your passion, drive and leadership have made you a valued colleague, a respected spokesperson, an innovative problem-solver and an esteemed professional


2018 Distinguished Service Award

Kevin Smith
Disaster Preparedness Director
Salvation Army

Presented for 20 years of exemplary dedication, commitment, and professionalism within the faith-based community, for contributions to the field of emergency management and to the cause of hurricane preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation in the State of Florida.


2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

John King
Former Director
Indian River County Emergency Services

Presented for 42 years of outstanding contributions and accomplishments,
providing loyal service to the citizens of Indian River County and beyond using a strong work ethic and integrity in the fields of public safety, hurricane preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.


2018 Bob Lay Emergency Management Award

Lee Mayfield
Director, Public Safety
Lee County Emergency Management

Presented for outstanding leadership, contributions and accomplishments in the fields of emergency management, hurricane preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.


2018 Volunteer Agency Service Award

Cape Coral Community Emergency Response Team

Presented for 20 years of community volunteerism service, providing thousands of hours of service at planned events, outreach activities, trainings, EOC activations and field operations while forging new paths of volunteerism for community preparedness, disaster response and addressing the resiliency needs of the whole community.


2018 Public/Private Achievement Award

National Weather Service
Key West Forecast Office

Presented for exemplary dedication and efforts during Hurricane Irma. The combination of staff training and preparation with core partners, technical upgrades, and the streamlining of tropical operations in the months leading up to hurricane season, along with an “all hands on deck” approach with desk staffing and delegation of duties, resulted in a seamless operation, consistent messaging and critical support to core partners before, during, and after the impact of Hurricane Irma on the Florida Keys.


2018 Dick Fletcher Media Award

 WPBF Channel 25
West Palm Beach

For exceptional collaboration with the Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management to educate the public about hurricanes and hurricane preparedness while providing their viewers with expert metrological forecasts, practical tips, and solutions to be prepared, stay calm, and weather the storm threats.


2018 Chad Reed First Responder Award

 Fire Chief Mark Pure
Greenacres Fire Rescue Employees

Presented for their service during Hurricane Irma. With limited support and supplies, the Greenacres fire personnel stepped-up and stood fast in support of their local shelter. Their actions saved a life and offered the thousands of shelter residents comfort, care and medical attention.


2018 Public Information Award

 The Florida Public Radio Emergency Network 

For creating a collaborative effort with 13 public media stations that serve the entire State of Florida over the air, on television, through social media, and through a mobile application ‘Florida Storms’ to inform the public with real-time, lifesaving information during hurricane season and other emergency situations.


2018 Public Education Award

 Seminole County Community Relations
Information Technology Department

For creating Prepare Seminole! An exceptional comprehensive education program that encompassed a marketing campaign, a new mobile friendly website, public service announcements and an in-school educational program that included development of Bert the Turtle mascot.


2018 Tropical Meteorology Award

 Amy Godsey
Chief State Meteorologist
Florida Division of Emergency Management

Presented for 8 years of outstanding service as the State’s Chief State Meteorologist ensuring the State Emergency Response Team, partners, and the Governor are informed of potential severe weather impacts, understand the forecasts, and have the weather data needed to make informed decisions to carry out critical missions during emergencies.


2018 Tropical Meteorology Award

Angela Enyedi
Lead Forecaster/Incident Meteorologist
National Weather Service, Jacksonville

Presented for outstanding service providing stellar decision support, partner consultation and collaboration prior to, during, and in the wake of hurricanes Matthew and Irma. Your services provided real-time, actionable weather information necessary to sustain Northeast Florida’s preparedness and mitigation efforts to reduce significant impact to emergency operations.


2018 Innovation Award

National Weather Service
For Their
Storm Surge Watch/Warning Forecast Products

For their leadership and stellar efforts in implementing the new storm surge forecast products that provide a clearer understanding of storm surge risk and offer real-time, lifesaving information for the most deadly of hurricane hazards – storm surge.


2018 Special Achievement Award

Richard Butcher
Retired Fire Chief
City of Tarpon Springs
Governor’s Hurricane Conference Volunteer

 For exceeding expectations in service and commitment to the goals of the Governor’s Hurricane Conference.