2014 Governor’s Hurricane Conference® Student Scholarship Program

The Governor’s Hurricane Conference® (GHC) is pleased to announce its fifth year of the Student Scholarship Program.  The 28th Annual GHC will be held at the Rosen Centre Hotel and Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, May 11 – 16, 2014. For more information regarding the GHC, visit the GHC Website at www.flghc.org.

Degree or certificate seeking students currently enrolled in a public or private institution of higher education, at the graduate or undergraduate level, who have taken or are taking emergency management related courses as part of their academic program, are eligible to apply for a scholarship to attend the 2014 GHC.  While a student’s major or minor concentration of study need not be “emergency management” specifically, they should demonstrate that their field of study has a direct impact to overall emergency preparedness, response, recovery and/or mitigation.

Due to many factors, the GHC is no longer in a financial position to fund the student scholarship program to the same level as in some previous years.  In order to continue to finance student participation, the scholarship program will fund attendance at the “Conference Only” (May 14 – 16). Students wishing to attend the training sessions (May 11 – 14) may do so at their own expense.  The Student Scholarship Program does not cover all expenses related to conference attendance.  A student’s educational institution may have funds to support extraneous expenses such as meals not included in the conference registration fee, parking, gas, and others.  Each applicant is strongly encouraged to contact their institution and student organizations on campus, or seek other resources to determine if supporting funds may be available to augment conference travel expenses. We suggest you begin that process now.

The GHC Student Scholarship Program does not fund the attendance of employed professionals in emergency management or related fields. Students who are Florida “residents for tuition purposes” (as defined per sec. 1009.21, F.S.) will be given priority, although out-of-state or online students may be considered, based upon review committee recommendation.  The total number of students from any single institution will be limited based upon total funding availability.

Elements of the application include:  listing of emergency management related academic course taken or currently taking, including credit hours for each course; listing of emergency management training sessions completed or currently taking, include CEUs or contact hours each; current resume’ which will be graded on community service/extracurricular activities, related professional background, and academic achievement;  a 700 word essay about your professional plans in relation to emergency management, commitment to Florida, and content.

The deadline for application submission is February 21.  Notifications of scholarship recipients will be made in late March.  Please give this notice wide distribution within your institution.  To apply, go to http://ghc.cdrp.net