For the sixth year, the Governor’s Hurricane Conference® is pleased to offer a broad series of sessions targeting healthcare professionals.  These training sessions and workshops will address the important issues of planning for hurricanes: crisis and risk communication, elder care coordination and support, health care emergency management certification, psychological first aid, nursing home/ALF/CCC planning, behavioral health support for both children and those with functional and access needs, Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) and, the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association Health Care Certification. The Governor’s Hurricane Conference® recognizes the complex issues involved in the coordination of care for medical patients during any disaster, but especially in a tropical weather event.  It is hoped that this specialized series for healthcare professionals will assist in the planning for the protection of the many thousands of patients under medical care in Florida and throughout the nation. The Governor’s Hurricane Conference® and the Florida Hospital Association have partnered to offer this opportunity at a very affordable price.  

We hope that this effort is a great success and beneficial to healthcare and emergency management agencies in planning for the safety of their citizens. We plan to continue this effort for future years and value your feedback to improve and expand the program.  Please be sure to complete your evaluations in order for us to do so.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all who helped organize and present this series of training.  In particular, John Wilgis, Director, Emergency Management Services of the Florida Hospital Association and many other healthcare professionals devoted much time and effort to make the Healthcare Concentration a reality.