2019 Student Conference Scholarship Program

 All students interested in Emergency Management are invited to apply for a Student Scholarship to attend the 33rd Annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference®

May 12 – 17, 2019

Palm Beach County Convention Center & Hilton West Palm Beach Hotel


Students currently enrolled in a public or private institution of higher education, at the graduate or undergraduate level, and who have taken or are taking emergency management related courses as part of their academic program, are eligible to apply.  While a student’s major or minor concentration of study need not be “emergency management” specifically, they should demonstrate that their field of study has a direct impact to overall emergency preparedness, response, recovery and/or mitigation.

Specific Requirements:

Recent Graduates: Students who complete their degree requirements no more than 6 months prior to the conference are also eligible to apply.
Florida Residents: Students who are Florida “residents for tuition purposes” (as per § 1009.21, F.S.) will be given priority. Out-of-state or online students may also be considered based upon overall ranking.
Institutional Limits: The total number of students from any single institution may be limited based on total funding availability.
Prior Recipients: Students who have received a scholarship for a prior conference are not eligible to apply for another scholarship.
Employment Status: Students who are full-time employees within emergency management or related fields and receive employer benefits are not eligible. 

Scholarship Benefits:

The Student Scholarship Program provides complimentary conference registration but does not cover all other expenses related to conference attendance. Funding of other expenses will be based on GHC resources available and the number of applicants who qualify. 

Date Conflict Concerns:

If you have concerns regarding the dates of the GHC conflicting with your curriculum, our Educational Outreach Committee Members are willing to communicate with the faculty at your institution to help resolve any such issues.
If you need assistance, contact ghclynn@verizon.net

How to Apply:

Apply online between January 14 and March 1, 2019


Email ghcrene@verizon.net to be added to the email distribution list for more details and future notifications. Applicants will be notified of their status in March.
For more information about the GHC, visit www.flghc.org


 So that you can begin to prepare for your application, required elements of the application include: listing of emergency management-related academic course taken or currently taking, including credit hours for each course; listing of emergency management training sessions completed or currently taking, including number of CEUs or contact hours each (worksheet provided and completion required); current resume which will be graded on community service/extracurricular activities, related professional background, and academic achievement; a 700 word essay about your professional plans in relation to emergency management and your commitment to Florida.