“Standing Strong Together”

Plan for the worst, hope for the best – a common refrain in the emergency management profession, especially true as we consider the historic impacts of hurricanes Hermine, Irma, Matthew, Michael and planned for those of Dorian. Through these events, emergency management professionals from across the state were able to deploy and assist other agencies; within own communities, challenges were identified, resolved and became lessons learned; and through it all, deeper partnerships were born as collective solutions came into view.

Our theme for this 34th edition of the Governor’s Hurricane Conference – Standing Strong Together – recognizes the importance of these relationships, many of which were started well before the storm and then forged into iron-clad partnerships through the adversity experienced. This conference will focus on the long-term resiliency of communities through recovery and mitigation, as well as the strength of partnerships throughout the emergency management cycle.

This year we also remember Lynn Daines, the conference’s Executive Director, who passed away in November 2019.  Lynn will always be known for her ability to bring people together, get them engaged, coach them and support them unequivocally.  Lynn, along with her husband Guy, had served as the driving force of the nation’s greatest educational forum on tropical cyclones, and throughout this week, we are standing strong together as we remember the contributions of the Daines family to the emergency management profession.

As we continue to build strong relationships with one another, we continue to train and educate Florida’s emergency management community through the Governor’s Hurricane Conference. This year, our partners and sponsoring organizations have mapped out more than 36 training sessions, 58 workshops and a dynamic general session to share lessons learned on the long road of recovery.  We also offer the chance to network with peers and others to enhance this learning experience and develop cohesive partnerships across the state and emergency management community. Come join us this year, as we acknowledge the impact of the storms of the past few years and recognize the strength of our community as we are standing strong together for Florida and the nation.