WS106. Aligning Planning Processes to Make Risk Mitigation & Preparedness Initiatives More Efficient, Effective and Equitable

In the last 30 years, Florida has experienced 10 major landfalling hurricanes and numerous other less intense storms, all of which have presented a risk to life and property.  During this period, significant strides have been made to decrease statewide losses and expand focus on risk reduction, including a rise in new planning initiatives and funding opportunities.  This expansion in new initiatives also brings potential unintended consequences including a lack of coordination in plan development, community outreach, data sharing and ultimately project prioritization.  Research findings will explore opportunities for planning process alignment in order to implement comprehensive mitigation and preparedness strategies more efficiently and effectively between jurisdictions and across different risk-based plans. This workshop will also explore how new technologies have been utilized for engaging the public perception of risk and evacuation decision making.

Organized by Jessica Geib