WS110. Hero Helpers: Resources to Support Children Post Disaster

A consistent theme in all communities – regardless of the disaster type – is when and how to best talk to kids about disaster events. AshBritt has spent the past 3 years working with international experts specializing in childhood trauma and in supporting children post-disaster. Together, we developed tools to support children, specifically including children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The panel will be moderated by award-winning children’s book author and illustrator, Nathan Jarvis. Panelists will include Brittany Perkins Castillo, Board Member of the AshBritt Foundation and 4Girls Foundation; Sara Newhouse, FDEM Disaster Recovery Mental Health Coordinator; and a M.D./Sr. Representative from The University of Miami School of Medicine’s Global Institute for Community Health and Development, which is actively involved in the recovery of local communities in the U.S., Bahamas and Haiti following recent hurricanes and earthquakes. The panel of experts will share best practices and tools for outreach to children in the wake of disaster and provide insights on how to incorporate tools that resonate with children and support parents, caregivers, and schools in your pre and post disaster work. The panel will also use case studies and inform the audience of communities of practice. Case studies will include kid-focused response tools from COVID-19, the 2022 KY floods, and Hurricane Ian that audience members can utilize, such as Family Emergency Preparedness Resources and the Hero Helpers Activity Book (for free!) in their communities.

Organized by Ian Guidicelli