WS131. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Analyzing the Impacts of Hurricanes in the Southeastern U.S. and Caribbean

Researchers from the University of Central Florida engaged in multi-disciplinary practices, will present their analysis on varying impacts of Hurricane research.  Topics of discussion include: transportation related challenges during hurricane evacuation, with a focus on Hurricane Ian; racial and income disparities in hurricane relief assistance using case studies over the past 20 years; administrative burdens faced by people evacuating to special needs shelters during Hurricane Irma; analyzation of individual real/personal property losses and social vulnerability characteristics; and solutions to provide clean, affordable, and resilient energy systems to at-risk communities focusing on the latest Atlantic hurricane seasons. This workshop will incorporate five 12-minute academic presentations with time for audience participation via question-and-answer period. Come prepared to engage with researchers and offer practitioner focused feedback.

Organized by Jessica Geib