WS133. Mental and Behavioral Health Support for the Emergency Response Community Part 3

Emergency management and response personnel are critical to effective crisis management. There is a tremendous amount of work supporting the well-being, psycho-social, and emotional needs of victims and those impacted by disasters. There is a gap in providing the same level of care to those on the front lines and behind the scenes of emergency management and response. This three-part, interactive, discussion-based workshop will provide stress first aid and resiliency tips, tactics, and tools that are available, as well as, discuss crisis response team development and maintenance.

No doubt emergency managers and those we serve have faced unprecedented impacts over the last few years. COVID, civil unrest, active assailant, hurricanes; thus, creating a new wave of mental health challenges. Planning for response and recovery must take into account additional strategies in navigating these complex implications. Connect with the newly formed Statewide Emotional and Spiritual Care Committee as they share best practices, tools, and resources available for both responders as well as the communities you serve.

Organized by John Wilgis