WS134. Hurricane Ian Response Through the Lens of Service and Guided by the Toyota Production System

SBP is a national long term disaster recovery organization that has grown since its founding, following Hurricane Katrina. SBP’s footprint spans coast-to-coast, with rebuilding operations that have supported over 3,800 disaster-impacted families across 15 U.S. communities, including Puerto Rico and The Bahamas. With our network and partnerships including Toyota and AmeriCorps, SBP’s Hurricane Ian response began long before the 2022 Hurricane Season. By mapping out vulnerable communities, and planning response efforts we were positioned to send deployment teams to provide damage assessments within days of Ian making landfall. AmeriCorps members continued to serve across the state – both in the field, and in the office to ensure we were prioritizing resources to the most under-resourced and vulnerable community members. We will share an understanding of the impact of AmeriCorps members during response and the power of collaboration through local partnerships. However, embedded in each of these topics and throughout SBP, the Toyota Production system guides and inspires our work. Specifically, we will focus on the culture of continuous improvement and Yokoten, which means if you do something well, share it. In this spirit we will share best practices and key actions organizations can take to begin building capacity and incorporating TPS values.

Organized by Christy Rojas