WS148. Future Plans for the Suite of NWS Tropical Products

The National Weather Service (NWS) is working to evaluate and update tropical products and services to ensure user understanding and the ability to take needed action based on the provided forecast and impact information. This effort is taking place through the Tropical Roadmap initiative and has utilized information from more than 50 different social science reports to propose changes to the tropical product suite. An imperative part of this process is to seek feedback from users, including emergency managers, early in this process to help drive the direction of these improvements. A few of the proposed changes include significant adjustments to the tropical cyclone wind speed probabilities products that may result in the need for re-calibration of decisional thresholds, moving the Storm/Surge Watch/Warning to a new product to allow for polygon-based alerting, transitioning from using the Hurricane Threat and Impact (HTI) graphics during a tropical event to using the Graphical Hazardous Weather Outlook that is also available on a routine basis, not just during tropical events, and simplifying the local watch/warning statement (TCV) that contains tropical cyclone hazards (tropical storm, hurricane and storm surge watches and warnings) and potential threat and impact information.

Organized by Pablo Santos