WS158. Florida Agency for Health Care Administration: eTools for Emergencies

This workshop will highlight two systems the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) uses primarily in times of emergency events and response, the Emergency Patient Look-Up System (E-PLUS) and the Health Facility Reporting System (HFRS).

E-PLUS utilizes data from Florida’s Health Information Exchange. Through the web-based E-PLUS system, there are three distinct services for emergency response: access to patient records in alternative care sites or shelters; data collection for individuals staying at an alternative care site; and the ability to assist in family reunification. This session will also provide information related to HFRS. This system is an online status tracking and availability tool for reporting information regarding licensed health care facility emergency status, beds, planning, or operations, as required by Section 408.821(4), Florida Statute. Licensees providing residential or inpatient services must utilize HFRS.

Organized by John Wilgis