WS159. Debris Management 101 for Emergency Managers

Debris piles don’t get picked up with the speed of Amazon deliveries, and citizen expectations for debris collection can be a big stress point for city and county government officials. The Debris Management 101 workshop educates on debris operations and the scope of services required for physical recovery using FEMA Public Assistance category A funds. Debris Management 101 emphasizes the importance of maintaining an affective public-private partnership between contractors and government, with an emphasis on local government. The panel will include 1-2 debris contractors, a monitoring firm, and city or county government representatives. The conversation will discuss pre-positioned contracts and post-event contracts for debris removal, using actual sample contracts from recent events to ground the conversation in real world examples and tools. The conversation will also discuss key operations phases, giving audience members an overview of what they need to know as a foundation for disaster debris removal. Sample contracts, “cheat sheets”/ 101 guides, and case studies will be used and provided to the audience.

Organized by Eve Rainey