2021 Student Program Will Continue Virtually

Adrianna Tran, Florida State University
I’m a recent Fall graduate with a double major in International Affairs and English and a certificate in Emergency Management and Homeland Security. I have an interest in EM communications and public information, exercise design, and recovery. Although my main interests lie in emergency management, I currently work as a district secretary for Representative Kamia Brown.
_________________________________________________Aisling Carr, Florida State University
I am currently earning a Master’s in Public Administration and a concentration in Emergency Management with a tentative graduation date in Spring or Summer 2023. I also currently work for the University of South Florida’s Department of Emergency Management as their Program Assistant, but will be looking for other emergency management-related opportunities in Tallahassee upon completion of this spring semester. I have experience in exercise design, outreach initiatives, plan development, and Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) assessments.
_________________________________________________Alan Wright, Florida State University
I am studying political science and international affairs. I plan on graduating in Fall 2021, and I have been focusing my academic studies around the field of emergency management, with a special interest in disaster management and urban planning. In the future I hope to use my degree to help redevelop or integrate impoverish portions of America’s urban centers, as well as to work in developing countries across the globe on the issue of informal settlements and major slums. As the world continues to become more and more urbanized, it is of the utmost important that these newly emerging ‘mega-cities’ are built in a sustainable way that promotes even development, as well as provides all of its citizens with access to decent housing, basic utilities, large-scale social programs, and high-quality infrastructure.
_________________________________________________ Bunny Morrison, Florida State University
I am a graduate(April, 2021) with a Bachelor of Science in Geography. I majored in Environment & Society with minors in Urban & Regional Planning and Public Administration. I have a certificate from FSU in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. I’m interested in the mitigation and hazard analysis side of emergency management, especially in an environmentally-focused capacity.
_________________________________________________ Cam Major, University of Central Florida
Military Logistics retired with 27 years of international logistics experience. My emergency management concentration is Mitigation and Recovery. Graduate in Spring 2023 with a Master’s Degree in Emergency and Crisis Management-Emergency Management Bachelor’s degree 2020. My emphasis is in statewide built environment mitigation and recovery-how can disasters be avoided with mitigation?
_________________________________________________Camryn Hatch, University of South Florida
I am a recent graduate with a degree in Health Science. I am pursuing a career in Emergency Management and am interested in planning, particularly with regards to vulnerable populations. To me, Emergency Management is about continuous improvement and I am eager to help play a role and further this growth.
_________________________________________________  Chase Kennedy, Florida Atlantic University
Living in the Keys, I am no stranger to hurricanes just the same as the majority of Florida. My desire to get into disaster management is to fix our building codes on a national scale as we’ve seen in more recent years that hurricanes can real havoc on any state along the Atlantic or Gulf coasts. Simple corrections to family, businesses and facilities structures can prevent loss of life, higher insurance premiums and long-term costs.
_________________________________________________ Dana McGeehan, Nova Southeastern University
I am currently pursuing a master’s in Disaster and Emergency Management at Nova Southeastern University. I plan to graduate at the end of the Spring 2021 semester. In 2020, I began working for the Florida Division of Emergency Management as the Region 7 Recovery Coordinator. My interests include long-term disaster recovery, public-private partnerships, and social vulnerability to disasters.

_________________________________________________Destini Johnson, University of Central Florida
In the summer of 2021, I will obtain my undergraduate degree in Emergency Management with a minor in Health Service Administration from the University of Central Florida. As a survivor of the tragic February 14th Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Massacre, I would like to focus my future career on school safety. Additionally, I would like to engage in community outreach, mitigation, research, and planning.
_________________________________________________  Gabe Zahora, Florida International University
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management (Barry University) and a Master’s Degree in Disaster Management (Florida International University). I am interested in Risk Reduction Initiatives, Mitigation Strategies and teaching EM classes/courses in English and Spanish.
_________________________________________________  Jiayun Shen, Clemson University
I am a student in Civil Engineering (with a focus in Transportation and Traffic Engineering) pursuing a PhD degree. I am expected to graduate in 2023. My research focus in on the response of households after/before a disaster happens. I am interested in implementing statistical and simulation findings into decision-making of stakeholders.
_________________________________________________Jonathan McFarlane-Weinstein, University of Central Florida
I am a third-year graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Urban & Regional Planning. I will graduate in December of 2021 and upon graduation I intend to seek employment as an Emergency Management Planner within the public realm. My research interests are in sea level rise, environmental management, transportation planning, economic development, and landscape architecture. I aspire to become an Emergency Management Planner so that I can improve the quality of life within Florida’s municipalities by implementing more sustainable solutions into the built environment to protect residents from sea level rise, increase the quality of life, and improve a municipality’s economic investments.
_________________________________________________Julian Olivar, Florida State University
I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs and a certificate in Emergency Management & Homeland Security. I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and I currently work in the Recovery Department at Florida Division of Emergency Management. I am very passionate about the emergency management field, I have been part of multiple humanitarian missions while in the Navy, which is where my early interests first began. I am interested in mitigation strategies, search and rescue initiatives, and my expected graduation date is the Summer of 2022. 
_________________________________________________ Lauren Gros, University of Central Florida
Gaining work experience in environmental policy issues on Capitol Hill made me eager to learn more about how communities can adopt resilient designs to prepare for natural disasters exacerbated by climate change. I am now pursuing a master’s of Emergency and Crisis Management at the University of Central Florida and expect to graduate in the spring of 2022.
_________________________________________________  Natalie Escalona, Florida State University
I am a master’s student studying International Affairs and I am set to graduate summer 2021. I am most interested in the impacts of disaster towards marginalized groups and more exclusively how they create gendered disparities globally. I have previously interned at FDEM ESF-6 during the commencement of the COVID-19 activation which cultivated my interests in response and recovery.
_________________________________________________Rachel Bass, Florida State University
I will be graduating with a degree in Environment & Society with a certification in Emergency Management in April 2021. I am interested in becoming an Emergency Management Specialist. I would like to work for my local Fire Rescue Department or FEMA.
_________________________________________________Roni Fraser, University of Delaware
I am a third-year Ph.D. student studying sociology with a focus on health and disasters and an affiliate of the Disaster Research Center at the University of Delaware (UD). Previously, I received my MA from UD and my BS in emergency administration and planning from the University of North Texas. After graduating in May 2023, I look forward to pursuing a career in emergency management within either the government, non-profit, consulting, or private sectors.

Stefan Babin, Florida State University
I’m graduating from Florida State University in August 2021 with a dual-degree in Criminology and Political Science, along with certificates in Emergency Management and Unmanned Aircraft Systems. I have a passion for the state of Florida and this includes the vital field of emergency management in Florida, given the nature of the hazards that Florida regularly faces such as hurricanes and flooding.
_________________________________________________Stephen Cox, University of Florida
I am currently a 15-year veteran of the fire service and currently work for the City of Flagler Beach Fire Department. After experiencing first hand many disasters, I understand the importance of emergency management and how it affects the community during a disaster. I am currently pursuing a B.S in Fire and Emergency Services with an Emergency Management Specialization. My projected graduation date is 2024.


Students currently enrolled in a public or private institution of higher education, at the graduate or undergraduate level, and who have taken or are taking emergency management related courses as part of their academic program, are eligible to apply.  While a student’s major or minor concentration of study need not be “emergency management” specifically, they should demonstrate that their field of study has a direct impact to overall emergency preparedness, response, recovery and/or mitigation.

Specific Requirements

Recent Graduates: Students who complete their degree requirements no more than 6 months prior to the conference are also eligible to apply. 

Florida Residents: Students who are Florida “residents for tuition purposes” (as per § 1009.21, F.S.) will be given priority. Out-of-state or online students may also be considered based upon overall ranking. 

Institutional Limits: The total number of students from any single institution may be limited based on total funding availability. 

Prior Recipients: Students who have attended the GHC Student Program at a prior conference are not eligible to apply again. (2020 Student Program Awardees are invited to re-apply for the 2021 conference.)

Employment Status:  Students who are full-time employees within emergency management or related fields and receive employer benefits are not eligible. 

Program Benefits

The Student Program provides complimentary conference registration but does not cover all other expenses related to conference attendance. Funding of other expenses will be based on GHC resources available and the number of applicants who qualify. 

Date Conflict Concerns

If you have concerns regarding the dates of the GHC conflicting with your curriculum, our Educational Outreach Committee Members are willing to communicate with the faculty at your institution to help resolve any such issues.

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How to Apply

Apply online between January 10 and February 27, 2021
Applicants will be notified of their status in March.



So that you can begin to prepare for your application, required elements of the application include: listing of emergency management related academic course taken or currently taking, including credit hours for each course; listing of emergency management training sessions completed or currently taking, including number of CEUs or contact hours each (worksheet provided and completion required; if the worksheet is not correctly submitted, the student will receive Zero (0) points for this section); current resume which will be graded on community service/extracurricular activities, related professional background, and academic achievement; a 500-700 word essay about your professional plans in relation to emergency management and your commitment to Florida.

Any questions regarding the Student Program, please send email to: ghcstudentprogram@gmail.com

To be added to the email distribution list for more details and future notifications, please email rene@flghc.org