“Stronger Together”

Prepare for the unexpected but live through the inexplicable – a statement that certainly defines the 2020 Hurricane Season.  Combine a record setting number of tropical cyclones with a global pandemic that restructured the way we handled evacuation and mass care operations, and the scene was set for chaos.  Yet our ability to plan and adapt, to message these changes effectively, and to deploy and assist others in need, showed our mettle in overcoming the challenges we faced.  2020 exemplified the way we do business – through coordination, collaboration, flexible decision-making, and forging partnerships pre-event, and trusting them in the heat of response.  The events of 2020 have truly tested us, but also made us stronger, more resilient, and better prepared for future events.  Our theme for this 35th edition of the Governor’s Hurricane Conference – Stronger Together – will present lessons learned and best management practices from the 2020 Hurricane Season Experience and focus on how we have successfully tapped into our numerous resources, both capital and human, to overcome adversity.

This year we will also remember Lynn Daines, the conference’s Executive Director, who passed away in November 2019.  Lynn was known for her ability to bring people together, get them engaged, coach them, and support them unequivocally.  Lynn, along with her husband Guy, had served as the driving force of the nation’s greatest educational forum on tropical cyclones, and throughout this week, we are reminded how we are stronger together because of the contributions of the Daines family to the emergency management profession.

As we continue to build strong relationships with one another, we continue to train and educate Florida’s emergency management community through the Governor’s Hurricane Conference.  This year, our partners and sponsoring organizations have mapped out more than 35 training sessions, 55 workshops and a dynamic general session to share lessons learned during this historic hurricane season.  We also offer the chance to safely network with peers to enhance your learning experience and develop cohesive partnerships across the state and emergency management community.  Come join us this year, as we acknowledge the impact of the storms of the past few years and recognize the resilience and strength of our community as we are stronger together for Florida and the nation.