31st Annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference®
General Session
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Palm Beach County Convention Center
Grand Ballroom


Bill Johnson, R.N., FPEM
Vice President and Program Committee Chair, Governor’s Hurricane Conference®
Director, Palm Beach County Emergency Management
Florida Emergency Preparedness Association 

Honor Guard and Pledge of Allegiance:
Palm Beach County Fire Rescue  

National Anthem:
Ashlyn Taylor
A. W. Dreyfoss School of the 

Paulette Burdick
Palm Beach County Mayor 

Keynote Speakers:
Bryan Norcross
Senior Hurricane Specialist
The Weather Channel

 Dr. Ed Rappaport
Acting Director, National Hurricane Center
Preventing Loss of Life from Hurricanes: Where Can We Make the Difference? 

Kimberly Prosser
Director, Brevard County Emergency Management
We Told You So: Lean IntoChaos