As a not-for-profit corporation, it’s commendable that the Governor’s Hurricane Conference® aims to keep registration fees reasonable to ensure broad participation from all organizations, regardless of size. Such an approach allows for a diverse range of attendees, including both large and small organizations, to benefit from the valuable information and resources provided at the conference.

To maintain the quality of the event and offer various amenities that enhance the attendee experience, the GHC relies on financial contributions from the business community. These contributions play a crucial role in supporting the provision of refreshment breaks and other items and events that contribute to the overall success of the conference.

By seeking assistance from the business community, the GHC can foster partnerships between public and private sectors, enabling a collaborative effort to address hurricane preparedness, response, and recovery effectively. The financial support from businesses not only benefits the attendees but also strengthens the conference’s ability to serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering innovation, and promoting resilience in the face of hurricanes and natural disasters.

Overall, this approach allows the GHC to continue its mission of bringing together professionals, experts, and organizations to collectively work towards a safer and more prepared community in the face of hurricane threats.

Likewise, we rely heavily on the assistance of volunteers to prepare for and execute the conference. The four sponsoring agencies (Florida Division of Emergency Management, American Red Cross, Florida Emergency Preparedness Association and the National Weather Service) dedicate extensive human and other resources to all aspects of the conference. Additionally, other agencies and organizations provide staff and services that help make the GHC a success. It is with sincere appreciation that we recognize all of these agencies.

For information regarding underwriting and donation opportunities for the GHC, please contact Rene Daines (

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