On behalf of the GHC Directors and Program Committee Members, here is an offer to all interested parties, a Call for Presentation for consideration in development of the Program at the Governor’s Hurricane Conference®. While hurricanes remain the main natural hazard threat to Florida, as well as to many other locations along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts, we must not forget the importance of all hazards planning.  We also recognize the frequent turnover among professionals in the emergency management and emergency services community as well. Therefore, the conference always schedules a series of sessions in basic issues of hurricane preparedness for those persons new to emergency management and emergency services. These basic sessions include meteorology, emergency operations centers, evacuation decision-making, evacuation planning, mass care operations, etc.  Sessions for those with experience will also be scheduled to further develop and improve their knowledge and abilities. This is your opportunity to provide suggestions to the Governor’s Hurricane Conference® Program Committee for inclusion in the 2024 Program.  All persons having expertise or interest are encouraged to respond.

As a not-for-profit corporation, the Governor’s Hurricane Conference® strives to maintain reasonable registration fees that afford the maximum participation of all organizations, large and small. With that philosophy, it would not be possible for the conference to provide all of the amenities that attendees enjoy, without the assistance of our sponsoring agencies, presenters, volunteers, exhibitors and underwriters.

We rely heavily on the assistance of volunteers to prepare for and execute the conference. The four sponsoring agencies (Florida Division of Emergency Management, American Red Cross, Florida Emergency Preparedness Association and the National Weather Service) dedicate extensive human and other resources to all aspects of the conference.

With that being said, the expectation from each presenter is to provide your knowledge and expertise on a volunteer basis. If you are instructing/speaking only in a session(s) and do not plan on attending any other function at the conference, the registration fee is waived. However, if you plan to attend other functions or events (awards lunch or other sessions), then the regular registration fees will apply.

Please provide the following information on the Form above (DO NOT SUBMIT AS A JPEG or PNG):


  1. Indicate whether your suggestion would be best suited for a training session or workshop. If your suggestion is for a training session, indicate the session length, excluding breaks (breaks are 10:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m., Noon–1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.–3:30 p.m.). Click here for session definitions.
  2. Indicate the programming interest area (i.e., business & industry, communications & public information, emergency management, emergency services, healthcare, human services/mass care, logistics & resource support, policy & planning or recovery/mitigation).
  3. Include a recommended title for your presentation (thoughtful, pertinent and descriptive titles are encouraged).
  4. Indicate the target audience of the presentation and the level (i.e., basic or advanced).
  5. Write a brief description of your proposed presentation (no longer than 175 words).
  6. Provide your name, agency, phone number and email address. DO NOT SUBMIT FORM AS A JPEG or PNG. It will be returned back to you.

Suggestions must be received no later than September 22, 2023
You will be contacted if your suggestion will be included in the 2024 Program.

Email completed form to: rene@flghc.org